Tanning Salon – Choosing The Right

Men and women use a range of store tanning creams and sprays purchased each year. These often leave streaked skin, splotches or color smears, and the frequently seen wipe marks and finger marks, even with practice. You’ve also also seen the over-colored fingers being a tell-tale sign of someone applying bronze to themselves without gloves on in a pipe.

The only way to ensure even coverage is a professionally applied spray tan, made in one of the many reputable tanning salons. The element of esthetics is key. An esthetic specialist has the expertise with the spray tan tool, so you don’t have to make embarrassing mistakes on your own. Just like most products of quality: you pay for the experience and skill of somebody. Whether it’s an attorney, a doctor, a professional chef, or an esthetic spray tanner, experience will make all the difference in the results.

Any of the renowned tanning salons should also have a high-tech commercial grade airbrushing spray gun. This will be much more robust and even-spraying than an at-home spray gun. The spray tan salon has invested in equipment for hundreds or thousands of customers to be used, so it is built to last and is most likely of high quality. A brick and mortar tanning salon should have a dedicated spray tanning area where the airbrush spray gun and tanning solution and associated conveniences are stored. These may include drinking water, afterword sheets, a changing room, a television to prevent you from getting too bored (if it’s a full body spray), or a music range. Many tanning salons are very interested in keeping with the hot tanning trends, so if you have ideas on how great your tanning experience might have been: tell them!